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28 Jan 2011: Telegraph offers free bird guide and CD

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With the Big Garden Birdwatch coming up this weekend, the Telegraph newspaper is offering readers a free 52-page booklet, the Essential Guide to Garden Birds, and a CD of garden bird song.


18 Jan 2011: Big Garden Birdwatch predicted to be the biggest ever

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The RSPB is predicting its Big Garden Birdwatch, the annual volunteer survey where bird-lovers around the country log visits to their garden or local park, will be the biggest so far held.


23 Dec 2010: Time to sign up for the Big Garden Birdwatch again

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With the year drawing to a close, it’s time to think again about taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch – the annual survey aimed at helping the charity track the rise and fall in wild bird populations.


10 Dec 2010: Dobies of Devon offer £5 voucher for bird care range

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Just a quick note to highlight a quick offer – for this weekend only, December 10-11 2010, Dobies of Devon are offering a £5 voucher to anyone who makes a purchase on their website.


8 Dec 2010: Bananas prove big hit with birds at RSPB reserve

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Just when you thought you knew what you could and couldn’t usefully feed wild birds in winter, good old Mother Nature finds a way to show that nothing’s ever simple.


23 Nov 2010: Stunning starling footage from Autumnwatch

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Over the last few years we’ve watched our local flock of starlings grow from half a dozen birds clustering like rowdy teenagers around the fat blocks in our garden, to a group big enough to spread across two rooflines as it roosted.


24 Apr 2008: Rare bird visit provokes best headline ever

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For the first time in recorded history, two egrets have been seen on a Scottish loch. The large heron-like birds turned up on the RSPB’s Loch of Strathbeg nature reserve at Crimond in Aberdeenshire, and may well have been blown over from their more natural home in the Netherlands.


1 Apr 2008: Special offer: £5 off garden bird supplies

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Just a quick ‘heads up’ to say that the birdfood website Garden Bird Supplies has a special offer on for the whole of April and May. If you spend more than £50 they’ll knock off a fiver – and give you free postage and packing.


26 Mar 2008: Finches resist decline in garden bird numbers, says RSPB

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The RSPB has published the results of January’s Big Garden Birdwatch, in which thousands of householders sent in data about visitors to their back gardens or local parks – and the news isn’t good.


18 Mar 2008: Gardening for wildlife with the RSPB

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Interested in learning more about attracting wildlife to your garden? Then you’ll love a new project launched by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).


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